wanderlust | noun | \ˈwän-der-lust\

a strong longing for or impulse toward travel.

“A woman consumed by wanderlust.”


lustre | noun | \ˈluster\

a glow of light, either reflected or from within.

“The lustre of the stars.”

For me, life has always seemed to hold an overwhelming amount of lustre– so much so that I often felt myself pulled in every direction at once by all of my interests. Some of the big ones include traveling, aerial dance, reading, writing, fashion design, styling, art, decorating, and architecture. Of course, most of these pastimes require a certain amount of funding to enjoy… enter the left side of my brain, the one that needs to create value through logic, productivity, and strong business strategy to fund the right side’s creative outlets. Until around the time I switched careers from software sales to software development, there always seemed to be either a shortage of time or a shortage of resources to spend on the things I truly enjoyed.

I started Wanderlustre as a way of striking the balance between doing what I love and loving what I do. Here, you will find an amalgamation of travel journals, coding tutorials, career advice, observations on adulthood, skincare tips, style diaries, decor ideas, favorite recipes, book & film reviews, and occasional cameos of the friends (human or otherwise) in my life. This blog is meant to capture the free spiritedness of doing whatever you want wherever you want while continuing to challenge yourself to achieve next-level elegance and excellence with energy and enthusiasm.