let’s try this again

when you stand in line for a sxsw event for 4 hours and still don't get in
sliding into 2018 like

Nearly a year after my first post on this blog (that I’ve been incidentally paying for this whole time 🙄), I think I’m finally enjoying the lemonade. A year ago, I was at six bad things– by the end of 2017, I was up to at least a dozen. We can add the following to that list: 7) getting rejected a second time by the aforementioned ex following a panic attack-induced “I love you” text, 8) a potentially life-changing health crisis, 9) the end of another close friendship (that was probably never a friendship to begin with, in retrospect), 10) semi-frequent & thoroughly incapacitating panic attacks, 11) a truly brutal post-bootcamp job hunt, and 12) getting unapologetically breadcrumbed by someone I genuinely caught the feels for (possibly sometwo? two people? separate things, obviously– jury’s still out on the second thing. which is chronologically the first thing. confused yet? #metoo).


2017 was rough. Really rough. Arguably my personal worst year on record. But now that I’ve counted all the negatives, I also want to acknowledge the positives. In 2017, I also:

  1. Found out who my real friends are. One of them is a talented musician with an awesome music blog that you should check out pronto. 😘
  2. Got into and completed the software engineering bootcamp.
  3. Got a software engineering job!
  4. Let some long-lost people back into my life…
  5. …and ditched (almost) all of the toxic ones.
  6. Underwent massive (and, at times, unwilling) personal growth and experienced a lot of adulting “aha!” moments.
  7. Visited California, Oregon, and New York, where great times were had by all.
  8. Stumbled across, fell in love with, and successfully convinced my parents to adopt the best dog ever.
  9. Got into the best shape of my life. 💪🏻
  10. Rediscovered that alcohol is not a prerequisite to having fun.
  11. Got really, really good at packing lunches and mealprepping.
  12. Landed in a career that I love.
but actually I'm a software engineer
but actually I’m a software engineer

In short, I have amassed a lot of material to write about over the last year. For now though, as I stay up later than my self-prescribed bedtime binging Friends (again) because it’s one of my go-to background shows, I just thought I’d say:

Yes, I’m still kicking. And I’m doing fine. Not “Italian Job” fine– genuinely fine. For the first time in awhile, actually.

Stay tuned for more posts, and dear god may I never use the catchphrase “stay wanderlustrous” again. 🤦🏻‍♀️


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